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HEAFIL was founded in 1994.HEAFIL is good at in the field of R&D,air filter and clean air solutions, one of the world's outstanding experts of air filtration. We transmit the value on to customers around the world while devoting ourselves to something essential to everyone-clean air for health, well-being and performance.

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Energy Consumption

With the increase of global crude oil price, the cost of electricity is becoming more and more. The energy group of the world bank predicts that energy consumption will rise sharply in the next 50 years. As we know, the building ventilation system is a very expensive project, and the average energy cost of the filter is about 30% of the total cost of the whole system. Choosing the right filter can save energy and ensure high indoor air quality. When you think the filter is the cheapest and simplest component, the overall cost is getting lower and lower.

Caring for The Environment

Air is the natural resource for human survival and development.。

We need to breathe all the time. A person has to breathe more than 20000 times a day, exchange at least 10000 liters of gas with the environment every day, and inhale about 20kg of air, which is more than 10 times more than the food and water we take in per day. Air quality is related to human health and quality of life. Not only that, It is also important for high-speed equipment and process manufacturing. The harsh environment and economic rationality requirements also prompt us to continuously optimize and improve our R&D capabilities and provide high-quality system solutions.

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